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A new vision

Gators see things differently. We measure success not in awards, but in lives saved. We think advancing progress is more important than advancing statistics. And big breakthroughs aren’t cause for a victory lap; they’re just paths to even bigger ones. Every day, we’re striving for a better world through better research.

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At UF, our research leads us to collaborate across departments, the state, the nation and the world. Together, our focus is on improving lives—not just in the lab or in theory, but in real life. Because we’re not just discovering breakthroughs or developing new products — we’re shaping the minds that shape the future.

It’s a process that leads to not only stronger minds, but better brains. For example, our McKnight Brain Institute is one of the nation’s most comprehensive and technologically advanced centers devoted to discovering how the normal brain operates, and how we can repair the brain following injury, disease or aging.



There are currently more than 10,000 active UF research projects.


The University of Florida received $776 million in research awards last fiscal year.


In 2014, UF Innovate | Tech Licensing received almost 300 invention disclosures.



Before “win from within.” Before Michael Jordan sponsorships. Before it helped the football team come back to beat LSU. The Gators football coach asked why his players lost so much weight during games. That simple question led to the invention of Gatorade and the creation of a multi-billion dollar sports drink industry.

But it also created something much greater — a culture of innovation where questions and connections across disciplines are encouraged. It’s a culture that established UF Innovate | Tech Licensing and more than 200 startups and companies that are bringing millions of dollars in revenue back to Florida, seeding future innovations. Why put our profits back into research? Because as Gators, we know new ideas are what fuel a stronger tomorrow.



A Living Learning Community, home to students from more than 30 majors with one common minor: innovation.

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The iHub is a business incubator where entrepreneurs use UF technology to create startup companies.

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The Innovation Square is a community that brings research and business together to inspire people to think bigger.

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Right now our best and brightest researchers are hard at work in state-of-the-art labs conducting history-making discoveries with one or two of their peers and a whole bunch of UF sophomores and freshmen. Welcome to Science for Life, a program founded at UF campus in 2006 with funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. It provides you the opportunity as an undergrad to learn from a world-renowned faculty member by doing research right alongside them.

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Return on investment in research funding for every state dollar UF used to hire faculty in preeminent focus areas.


UF helped launch more than 190 startups based on researchers' technologies in 15 years.


A leader technology transfer, UF received $32,972,356 in license Income in fiscal year 2015, according to the AUTM.


College of Health and Human Performance

Michael Sagas feels that youth, women and minorities are under-represented in sports. The general goal of his research has been to provide insights needed by scholars, policy makers and managers to identify the barriers that limit the status, development and advancement of those groups. His role as the university’s Faculty Athletics Representative to the NCAA and SEC provide him a platform to address the issue.



College of Engineering

One of the first hires under the University of Florida’s Preeminence Plan, Juan is both the Andrew Banks Family Preeminence Endowed Chair and the Chair of the Computer & Information Science & Engineering Department, where he leads the Human-Experience Research Lab. A pioneer in the field of human-centered computing, he was the driving force behind the Prime III voting system that makes it possible for people with a wide range of abilities to cast their ballots.



College of Veterinary Medicine

While there is currently no HIV vaccine, progress is being made. Thanks to Janet Yamamoto, a professor of retroviral immunology at the College of Veterinary Medicine and UF CARES collaborator, a vaccine is on the horizon. After co-discovering the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and developing the first FIV vaccine, she’s taking what she’s learned and applying it to HIV. The discoveries made by researchers like professor Yamamoto could one day be the key to unlocking a human vaccine.



College of Health and Human Performance

Michael Sagas feels that youth, women and minorities are under-represented in sports. The general goal of his research has been to provide insights needed by scholars, policy makers and managers to identify the barriers that limit the status, development and advancement of those groups. His role as the university’s Faculty Athletics Representative to the NCAA and SEC provide him a platform to address the issue.



As one of the nation’s most forward-thinking institutions, UF’s tradition of innovation has produced a wide range of breakthroughs and new technologies. But it also created more — a community that brings research and business together to inspire people to think bigger.

Sentricon protects over 200 million structures including the Statue of Liberty and the White House.


From the world’s most popular sports drink to inhibiting the spread of MRSA, our faculty and students are making the discoveries that make the world a better place. Here are a few examples:


Visit our Virtual Tour to see our campus through the experiences that give us a greater purpose, and learn about the locations that influence them.

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